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Gesund.ai partners with VALID AI and the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium to Promote Development and Deployment of Trustworthy Medical Artificial Intelligence

February 26th 2024

“2024 is the Year of AI Safety” Gesund.ai CEO & Founder Dr. Enes Hosgor, Ph.D

January 21st 2024

“Biden and AI Governance: The Case for a Hub-and-Spoke Framework in Model Validation” Dr. Enes Hosgor

January 2nd 2024

"Overcoming data access challenges: an interview with Enes Hosgor"

December 27th 2023

“The industry focus has largely shifted from technical feasibility to AI bias and safety.” Dr. Sumir Patel, Chief Medical Officer

November 29th 2023

“Observations from RSNA 2023: The Imaging Wire interviews Dr. Enes Hosgor”

November 26th 2023

“Gesund.ai joins White House CancerX initiative to end cancer as we know it.”

October 4th 2023

“With AI embedding itself ever more broadly into healthtech, machine learning operations (MLOps) are vital for rapidly maintaining, monitoring and scaling ML models. ”

July 15th 2023

“The human civilization didn’t ban electricity, but implemented intelligent mechanisms to wield it; we expect AI guardrails to be collectively architected by all stakeholders.” Dr. Enes Hosgor

June 24th 2023

Walking the walk: Gesund achieves SOC 2 - Type II compliance, the highest standard for data and IT security.

May 28th 2023

“Four types of bias in medical AI are running under the radar of the FDA and CHAI”

January 8th 2023

Gesund.ai’s Platform for Immediately Generating Insights Into the Equity, Safety and Effectiveness of Medical AI Receives Acceptance to Merck Digital Sciences Studio

December 20th 2022

Merck Invests in Gesund.ai, Launches Medical AI Platform on AWS

December 20th 2022

Evidence in Days, Not Years: Gesund.ai Partners With ScanDiags to Supercharge the Process of Validating Radiology AI

November 26th 2022

Enes Hoşgör, Ph.D., CEO at Gesund.ai: AI Is on the Road to Improving Healthcare: It’s Time to Build a Superhighway

March 10th 2022

A startup provides medical data for testing AI health solutions

March 8th 2022

‘I need evidence yesterday’: Gesund.ai raises $2 million to provide algorithm-validating data

March 2nd 2022

Gesund.ai Exits Stealth with $2M in Funding to Build the Highway of Clinical-Grade AI for Safe and Effective Medical Applications

March 2nd 2022